Gibson Learn & Master Guitar Course Review

If you want to learn to play the guitar, Gibson’s Learn & Master Guitar course is a great choice. With your dedication to practising for and learning to play the guitar, Gibson’s will guide you down the road to mastering your skills.

Unlike other guitar courses that might guarantee you will learn to play the guitar overnight, Gibson’s has a more realistic approach. They provide you with a group of guitar lessons that can start you from any skill level, even if you’re a complete amateur.

In their guitar lessons book, you will be presented with the songs and lessons in the video demonstrations and more so you have the advantage of practising and learning at your own pace to move on when you’re ready. The book follows the same guidelines the DVD does start at the beginning and ending in the master level.

Here’s an overview of some sessions in the lesson book to give you an idea of what the learning process will be like.

Session 1

-String names



-finger exercises

-c & g7 chords

Session 2

-music reading

-1st and 2nd string notes and exercises

Session 3



-repeat signs

-eighth notes

-3rd and 4th string notes and exercises

Session 4

-5th and 6th string notes and exercises



-natural signs

-Am & E chords

Gibson’s Learn & Master Guitar dvds has a set of twenty dvds in HD made to guide you step by step to execute your guitar playing skills. The dvd lessons are the determining factor in developing your guitar playing expertise. Each part has detailed instructions where Steve Krenz teaches you the concepts of the day in total. Then there is a workshop where you get hands on practice with the instructor. The screen graphics help you follow along with a menu that normally gives you a one-click access to review any topic or exercise when needed. Gibson’s Learn and Master guitar is an incredible program that’s straight forward and concise with dvds that make you feel your own personal instructor is teaching you right in your home.